1. Corporate investments

    Sitra invests in domestic early stage companies mainly through venture capital funds.

  2. Emphasis on responsible and active ownership

    Sitra actively participates in the development of its portfolio companies. The companies are able to use Sitra's internal expertise and extensive networks.


  3. Investment experience in more than 250 companies

    Sitra's portfolio currently includes investments in approximately 20 companies. The companies operate in fields such as energy, life sciences and IT and environmental technology, as well as industrial production and services.

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    1. Sitra is investigating the...

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      Sitra is studying the introduction of impact investing to Finland. This would require the creation of a new ecosystem and the testing of...

      3 years ago

Business activities that promote sustainable well-being

The main focus of our investment activities has shifted towards fund investments. Sitra’s investment activities are market-driven; i.e. investment transactions are conducted in compliance with the same investment principles as those that govern other investors. In addition to achieving a high financial return, Sitra uses investments as a tool for promoting its strategic goals by selecting targets with a social impact, such as the more effective use of industry sidestreams or advancing the adoption of self-care solutions.

Emphasis on responsible and active ownership

Sitra's operations comply with the principles of socially responsible investments. Sitra commits to the ownership and development of the portfolio company for an average period of 4 to 10 years. Exit from a portfolio company will be carried out according to a specific plan prepared together with all other co-investors. Sitra is an active owner and typically nominates a representative to the board of directors.

No subsidies to companies

Sitra grants no subsidies or free support to companies. Please visit Enterprise Finland for information on services and funding for small and medium-sized companies available from other organisations.

Investment portfolio

List of Sitra's investments by company


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Blog Those low expenses!

Sitra's Markku Sjöstedt on negawatts and how the cheapest energy is the energy that is never produced.

10 months ago by Markku Sjöstedt

Other site Optomeditech Helps Solve Catheter Insertion & Grabs $2.5 Million From Lifeline And Sitra

Inserting a catheter fails in over 30% of the first time attempts. That means injury, extra costs for equipment, lost time. All of which matters a lot in healthcare. Optomeditech Ltd has solved this with inserting a guide light inside the IV catheter needle. Lifeline Ventures  [1]along with Sitra [2]and private investors have invested $2.5 million in the company that recently received ISO and CE certifications for OptiVein.  [1] http://www.lifelineventures.com/ [2] http://www.sitra.fi/

2 years ago from site www.arcticstartup.com

Blog 6.5 million to Mendor, 7.3 million to BetterDoctor... A cause for celebration?

In July 2014, two health technology firms with their origins in Finland were granted a financial boost to the tune of millions of euros by international investors. Investment rounds of this magnitude are such a rarity in Finnish venture capital investment markets that the news was also broadcast by the mass media. Why is this such a positive thing for the whole health technology sector? During...

2 years ago by Ville Koiste

Article Interest in impact investing grows in Finland

This spring Sitra has been investigating the possibilities for testing and implementing impact investing in Finland, including creating the necessary ecosystem and related models. In practice the efforts have included conducting various interviews, organising events, reading materials and literature and taking part in international events. The latest event was an Impact Investing...

2 years ago by Saara Malkamäki

Other site Nexstim Selected as a 2014 Red Herring Top 100 Europe

Since 1996, the Red Herring 100 winners have been recognizing the most exciting startups from around the globe. Sitra's target company Nexstim is honored to join this mark of distinction, which identifies promising new companies. (Published 11 April 2014)

2 years ago from site www.nexstim.com

Blog Sitra is investigating the potential of impact investing in Finland

Sitra is studying the introduction of impact investing to Finland. This would require the creation of a new ecosystem and the testing of different models related to impact investing. Impact investing aims to solve societal challenges through new innovations and private funding. Such challenges may be, for instance, the danger of the unemployed becoming marginalised in society or careers ending...

3 years ago

News Startup Foundation launched

Sitra puts more of its weight behind efforts to encourage and sustain entrepreneurship in Finland, by backing a new Startup Foundation...

4 years ago

Article Did you know?

Sitra's role in 2012 is very clear. Our mission statement sets out our goals for building the Finland of tomorrow. But our history dates back to 1967 and has seen many investments and much research in numerous different areas of life. For example, in the early years, Sitra funded several innovation projects involved in technology and the natural sciences.

4 years ago

Article Taneli Heikka: Helsinki Spring - a revolution of enterprise support

Steve Blank, a professor at Stanford University, and a retired serial entrepreneur, visited Finland in early September. Thousands of people attended Blank's talks, boosting the civic movement of growth entrepreneurship that has been gaining momentum in the decision-making process for a couple of years now.

5 years ago

Article Public sector creating added value for companies – fact or fiction?

Public-sector organisations offer a wide range of services for enterprises, but their benefits are under debate. The role of public-sector actors raises strong opinions for and against. Can they bring added value to private enterprises and contribute to their growth? “Yes, they can,” says Risto Kalske, Director of Sitra’s PreSeed service.

10 years ago

Article DIILI service provides sales expertise for SMEs

Early stage companies usually have plenty of technological competence and promising business ideas, but what they often lack is the final key to success – sales and marketing skills. Sitra’s DIILI service offers new entrepreneurs the help of senior sales professionals in international trade to provide know-how and to share some of the risks of entrepreneurship.

12 years ago

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