ILMANKOS - Climate change and civic participation in Tampere

Closed project

9/2008 - 12/2010

ILMANKOS is a project launched by the City of Tampere. The project aims to promote the concrete participation of citizens and organisations in mitigating climate change. The project is split into two parts: a publicity campaign and a research and development section.

The aim of the project is to increase awareness among the residents of Tampere of saving energy, and in the long run to reduce the energy consumption of residents in the municipality. At the same time, energy efficiency will be included to a greater extent in development work in the Tampere region. The project is implemented by the Environment department of the City of Tampere and the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies of Helsinki University of Technology.

The aim of the ILMANKOS publicity campaign is to activate citizens and organisations to take part in planning and implementing a local climate strategy. During the campaign, idea workshops for organisations, a local election panel on climate change and a Studia Generalia lecture series will be held. The campaign will also be visible on the Internet and as part of other local campaigns.

The aim of the project’s research section is to monitor the implementation of the campaign, compile and analyse its results and produce assessment data on the impact of the local climate strategy and campaign. The results of the research report will be used in the activities of the City of Tampere and in possibly duplicating the Ilmankos campaign in other municipalities.

On 10 November 2009, the Regional Council of Pirkanmaa granted more than EUR 128,000 of EU funding to the ILMANKOS project in the Tampere region. The funding secured the continuation and expansion of the project, which was launched and successfully operated with Sitra’s funding (2008–2009).

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