Terms of Use

Last updated on 31 May 2011.

These terms of use will be applied to the Sitra.fi website maintained by the Finnish Innovation Fund (hereinafter Sitra) and the website content. By accessing this site you accept the below terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them.

Purpose of the site

The purpose of Sitra’s external website is to communicate about the views and outcomes resulting from Sitra’s work, to tell the public about Sitra’s activities and to maintain interactive functions to which external writers or groups of writers contribute content related to Sitra’s activities. Users may comment on the site content. Any comments or entries posted by the users on the site will be available to other users. Comments will be used for the purpose of developing the site content in cooperation with the users. Distributing advertisements or other inappropriate information through this site is forbidden.

Right of use

Users may comment on site content either by using the commenting tools available on the site or by means of external online communities linked to the site, including Facebook or Twitter.

In order to be able to use the commenting tools available on the Sitra.fi website, the user must provide Sitra with the following information: 1)his or her pseudonym or name and 2) email address. The identifying information provided by the user to Sitra must be truthful, and users must observe good practice and Finnish law when using the site. If obvious misuse of the site is discovered, Sitra may temporarily bar the user from accessing the site or permanently remove the user’s right to use the site.

The use of commenting tools provided by other community services will be subject to their own terms of use.

Intellectual property rights

The Sitra.fi website is owned by Sitra. Copyright to the articles, images and other material on the site belongs to the authors. The general terms and conditions of using the site are described below. The site also contains material to which the general terms and conditions are not applicable. In such cases, the terms and conditions of using the material are separately indicated.

Users may freely copy, distribute and edit any content found on the website, unless the right to use it has been separately restricted and provided that the author and the source of the material is given when the content is used elsewhere. However, the use of any images on the site is forbidden. Selling the website content or any part thereof is forbidden. The use of any content found on the website or a part thereof in a manner which demeans the content or violates its purpose is forbidden.

Any trademarks and logos found on the site are the property of their owners, and they must not be used without the prior written content of the owner.

These terms of use or the use of the Sitra.fi website do not give any right or licence to copyrights, patents, logos or other intellectual property rights on the site.

Privacy policy

When a user comments on the website content, registers for an event organised by Sitra or orders the newsletter, Sitra will collect personal data on the user, which will be saved in a personal data file maintained by Sitra under the Finnish Personal Data Act (523/1999). The data will not be disclosed to outsiders without the user’s consent, nor will it be transferred to countries outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

Data generally collected on the use of the service

The service uses cookies. Some of them are related to site functionality, such as the selection of a graphic or text-based interface or increasing the font size, and some to the compilation of usage statistics.

Users may disable cookies by changing their browser options. However, this is not recommended as it may affect website functionality.

General usage statistical information will be collected on website usage for the purpose of developing the service. This information includes the amount of users, popularity of individual pages, the pages from which users enter the site, the most common search terms and browsers and the user’s country.

The information collected includes

Visitor statistics are based on server log data and Google Analytics reporting, which uses the Google Analytics software cookie and JavaScript code.

Further information: {0>http://www.google.com/intl/en/privacy/<}0{>http://www.google.com/intl/en/privacy/


Any writings on the website contain the authors’ personal views and opinion. They shall not be regarded to be the official views of the organisations represented by the authors. The authors are themselves liable for any content they have written.

The user is liable for any comments or any other material he or she has added to the Sitra.fi website, including their contents and any damages its presentation may cause. The user is responsible for ensuring that any comments or other material posted to the site will not infringe on any third-party copyright or other rights belonging to a third party, or good practice. Sitra shall not be held liable in any circumstances on indirect, consequential or incidental damage or damage incurred due to the use of or relying on the information or material presented. Furthermore, Sitra shall not be held liable for any damage due to interrupted use or unavailability of the site. Sitra has the right to terminate the online service at its discretion. Sitra retains the right to edit the pages where necessary and to remove comments posted by users which are inappropriate or otherwise contrary to good practice or law. If you notice any comments posted by other users which violate these terms of use, please notify the website administrator.

In addition to online communities hosted by Sitra, the Sitra.fi website contains links to third-party websites. By accessing such sites through the links provided the user accepts that such third-party sites are not controlled by Sitra and that Sitra has no control over the content created or published on such sites. The linked pages may also be subject to terms which restrict their usage. You should always read the terms of use before accessing such a site. Sitra shall not be held liable for any content available on third-party websites.

Changes to the terms of use

These terms of use will be applied from 31 May 2011 until further notice. Sitra retains the right to change or replace these terms of use by unilateral decision. The date on which the terms of use were last changed is indicated in connection with the terms of use.

Applicable law

These terms of use and any disputes arising from the Sitra.fi website, its content or website use shall be governed by the laws of Finland.

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