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Lab Log 10: HERÄÄMÖ XL Societal Innovations and Global Challenges

Kuva: Topias Dean, Sitra


Salla Nurminen

Specialist, Sustainable Everyday Life, Sitra


How do societal innovations differ from the traditional innovations in services and products? Societal challenges require innovation capabilities that bring together different parties around the issues they share. Societal innovations cannot be made by small groups and behind closed doors. HERÄÄMÖ XL (Wake-up room XL) 21.11.2019 was part of Sitra Lab’s breakfast event series, where leading international practitioners share their work related to these new approaches and their applications.

The event’s speakers included Indy Johar from Dark Matter Labs, Joseph D’Cruz from UNDP’s global Accelerator Labs network and Piret Tõnurist from OECD’s Observatory for Public Sector Innovation. The speakers and their organisations represent some of the most interesting international societal innovation practitioners.

Speakers, talks and materials

Indy Johar

Indy Johar is a designer and an architect and founder of the London-based, internationally acclaimed Dark Matter Labs. The organisation develops institutional infrastructures and new forms of collaboration that help build democratic futures. Indy works with international partners, for example in Sweden where he is a consultant for the multi-organisational MIND//SHIFT network that seeks to develop the future of the country’s work on mental health and well-being by creating spaces for shared learning through societal experimentation.

Watch Indy’s talk on A Great Transtion:

Joseph D’Cruz

Joseph D’Cruz works as a senior advisor in strategy and planning at the New York office of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) where he supports the work of the Accelerator Labs network that functions in 60 countries. Joseph will be speaking about the ways in which the network simultaneously helps the resolution of local problems and improves learning internationally.

Read JD’s blog The Accelerator Lab Network: How UNDP is testing a new approach to sustainable development.

Watch JD’s talk The UNDP Accelerator Lab Network – Reimagining International Development Cooperation to tackle 21st century challenges:

Piret Tõnurist

Piret Tõnurist, an Estonian, works for the OECD’s Observatory for Public Sector Innovation (OPSI) where she promotes practical approaches in Systems Thinking and Anticipatory Innovation Governance. Piret works internationally with public-sector partners on these topics.

Read Piret’s blog Looking beyond systems thinking to tackle wicked problems.

Watch Piret’s talk Systems Change: how to get started and keep going?


What is HERÄÄMÖ?

HERÄÄMÖ is Sitra Lab’s new breakfast series in which we create a shared understanding of how we might tackle wicked problems with leading experts in the field.


Sitra Lab

The future needs its makers. Sitra Lab is a training programme and a community of change-makers. It is Sitra’s own future laboratory.


Salla Nurminen

Specialist, Sustainable Everyday Life, Sitra



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