Published December 28, 2017

Automated warehouse management

Konecranes's warehouse management service has eliminated the need for businesses to invest in the latest technology and carry out their own maintenance. A monthly charge for the service includes remote monitoring and proactive maintenance, and highly advanced digitalisation, which enables monitoring throughout the supply chain.


Industrial warehouse management systems have long been inflexible and difficult to use. Once a system has been selected, it is difficult to modify, expand or renew. Often, new warehouse management systems also require more space or even an expansion of the warehouse building.

Solution: comprehensive warehouse management as a service

Konecranes sells a comprehensive warehouse management service, AGILON, as a service to its customers. It automates the management of information on who is taking what, from where and how much. The system is made up of modules that can be reused for different customers. The system can be connected to a variety of software solutions, for example automating purchase orders. In addition, the size of the device can be changed when the customer’s needs change. The warehouse management system is administered and serviced using remote administration. A robot delivers the requested goods from the warehouse to the person making the request while optimising the warehouse slot according to usage levels. The system consumes little energy and does not require lighting, as the robot’s actions are optimised using artificial intelligence.

Revenue model and benefits for Konecranes

Konecranes sells the service with a monthly charge. The agreement continues until further notice after a fixed period of one to three years. With the service model, the company works in close co-operation with its customers, which improves understanding of the customer’s situation and the company’s ability to cater to the needs of the customers in changing environments. In addition, the remote control of the system reduces logistical needs: the required service can be identified without needing to visit the site. This reduces the environmental impact of the operations.

Benefits to customers and end users

With the comprehensive warehouse management solution, Konecranes’s customers can efficiently provide their suppliers with information on warehouse usage levels, enabling the employees to concentrate on other matters. The modular structure of the system enables it to be built in the customer’s existing premises. Because of the closed implementation of the solution, space can be used more efficiently while improving the occupational safety of warehouse management.


Konecranes in a nutshell

Main business: mechanical engineering, manufacture and maintenance of cranes and lifting equipment

Established: 1994

Net sales: over €50 million

Launch of circular economy solution: Agilon, launched 2013

Share of the circular economy solution of the total business: (the company does not wish to publish this information)

Employees: over 250

Based: Hyvinkää


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