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Circular economy centres challenge shopping centres

Jalotus Upcycling Collective, City of Kerava and Sitra have experimented a circular economy centre where people can, for example, borrow and repair things.



It is not always easy to make sustainable everyday choices: information provided is scattered and conflicting, and the provision of sustainable everyday services and housing solutions is still insufficient.


Between 2018 and 2019, Jalotus Upcycling Collective, the City of Kerava and Sitra tested an operating model for a circular economy centre in Kerava. Circular economy centres house local providers of sustainable everyday services, and in the workshops found in the centres people can also personally service and repair their things. Housing services in one centre improves their visibility, availability and the development of new solutions.

Jalotus will compile the lessons learned from the circular economy centre in Kerava and, based on these lessons, develop an operating model for expanding circular economy centre activities to different parts of Finland. They also have plans for promoting the formation of a European network of circular economy centres in collaboration with the Swedish ReTuna.

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