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Food packaging containing less plastic

Jospak manufactures food packaging containing only a fraction of the plastic of regular food packaging.



Food packaging is often made almost entirely of plastic, and in Europe as a whole, for example, such packaging accounts for a large share of all plastic waste. The recycling of food packaging is not easy, because it is often made of materials containing various layers of plastic, the separation of which is challenging.

Furthermore, the equipment identifying packaging in recycling plants does not recognise black plastic, so black plastic packaging is discarded and redirected for incineration for energy production. Nonetheless, plastic is one of the best materials for extending the life of foodstuffs and plays an important role in reducing food waste.

Solution: food packaging containing less plastic

Jospak manufactures food packaging that contains up to 85 per cent less plastic than other equivalent plastic packaging. The packaging made by the company consists of a tray that is made of cardboard or corrugated cardboard manufactured from virgin raw materials and a plastic film that hermetically seals the item. The packaging is easy to recycle, since the tray and the plastic film can be easily separated from each other and recycled with similar type of waste. The solution can be used in food industry processes.

Jospak’s revenue logic and benefits

Jospak operates as a contract supplier of packaging for food industry companies, manufacturing and selling packaging to be directly used for protecting food. Direct contact with the customer enables direct feedback, enabling the enhancement of the concept and technological competence.

Benefits to customers and end users

The solution enables food industry companies to reduce their use of plastic and packaging waste and gain brand benefits from the packaging. Customers can have their own texts and logos printed on Jospak’s packaging, so no additional materials are needed for branding the packaging.

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