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Say yes to cleaner blood vessels

For many people, the right food means a steak or sausage. However, switching to fish or chicken once in a while can provide many savings. You eat less saturated fats and calories and your bank balance will also look better when you choose a more inexpensive source of protein.


Savings: Chicken and fish often cost less than red meat. The price for one kilogram of beef is about 30 euros, one kilogram of turkey costs 15 euros and a kilogram of white beans just 3 euros.

Remember this: We often put minced meat or sausage on our plate out of habit. After a few weeks of practice, it will get easier to choose better sources of protein.

Reducing your carbon footprint: Switching from red meat to fish or chicken five times a week can reduce your carbon footprint by 3% a year. Emissions are lower because of decreased greenhouse gas emissions from ruminant animals.  

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