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Solar power as a service to companies using their own roofs

Naps Aurinkovoimala provides solar power as a service to companies. The customers only pay for the power produced by the photovoltaic system placed on the roof of their property. The solution gives the customers an opportunity to buy electricity at a lower cost and to reduce emissions without a separate investment.



When it comes to purchasing a photovoltaic system, customers still regard the complexity of the procurement process, maintenance and servicing, and the uncertainty associated with the payback period as obstacles. Even though the price of photovoltaic systems has been falling over the last few years, many real property owners still consider the payback period of six to seven years too long.

Solution: solar power as a service to companies using their own roofs

Naps Aurinkovoimala designs, implements and maintains photovoltaic systems on the roofs of their customers’ premises. Naps remains the owner of the equipment, and the customer only pays for the photovoltaic power produced on its roof during the contract period. After a period of around 10 to 15 years, the customer may purchase the power plant and continue solar power production without any separate charges. The customers buying the service are mainly companies, and the capacity of the systems built is over 100 kilowatts.

Naps Aurinkovoimala Oy’s revenue model and benefits

The service model makes it easier for the customer to make a purchase decision and guarantees a long-term customer relationship and continuous cash flow to Naps. The current ownership base of the Naps Group helps to keep the financing costs of the operating model low.

Benefits to customers and end users

Naps Aurinkovoimala bears the risks of ownership, production and maintenance on the customer’s behalf. The solar power plant user only pays for the power produced and gains an added bonus from the image boost and the emission reductions provided by using solar energy. In many cases, the price of solar power under the agreement made with Naps is also lower than the overall costs of power bought from the grid.

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