Globe League Finalists
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Winter Cycling Federation ry


The federation challenged decision-makers to start cycling, to set an example and, through their own experience, to identify the obstacles faced when promoting cycling, as well as seeing the potential benefits of cycling in their own municipality. Cycling will not become more common until it is made easy, fast and effortless. In our challenge, decision-makers undertook a thorough fitness assessment at the beginning and end of the challenge, a personal plan for physical activity was drawn up for them and the progress of the challenge and their experiences were featured in the media.

The aim was to make decision-makers reflect on how they could promote cycling in their own work and to make them promote positive decisions, which would increase the number of people cycling. This is good for the environment, public health and the economy! During the development programme, we fine-tuned the solution model so that, after the pilot implemented during the development project, it would be as easy as possible to implement the model in other municipalities.

The Winter Cycling Federation ry is one of the Globe League finalists.

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