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President Aho appointed to chair the National Innovation Strategy steering group


Esko Aho, the President of Sitra, has been chosen to chair the steering group in charge of drafting the National Innovation Strategy for Finland. The steering group was appointed by Mauri Pekkarinen, Minister of Trade and Industry. The strategy aims at enhancing the competitiveness of Finnish businesses and speeding up the reform of the public sector.

The National Innovation Strategy is an ambitious project to develop further the renowned Finnish innovation environment. According to Minister Pekkarinen, the National Innovation Strategy will outline the broad guidelines and options through which Finland can establish itself among the best innovation environments in the world by 2015.

The National Innovation Strategy aims to be interactive and open process. Departing from the traditional government strategy work, the project fosters interaction and public debate, and provides opportunities for citizens, associations, and organizations to influence the strategy. All background material used in drafting the strategy, workshop material and results shall be published on the project website at: where a consultation open to everyone will be organised between 27th Sept. and 31st Oct. 2007.

Finnish and foreign experts, companies, interest groups, actors in the innovation system and citizens will be consulted on a large scale during the preparation phase. In the autumn of 2007, a series of workshops will be held in order to tackle the challenges faced by the Finnish innovation environment in a holistic manner.

The steering group will present the final strategy to Minister Pekkarinen in the spring of 2008.

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