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Sitra-backed healthcare specialist honoured in EU awards

Vivago Oy, partly owned by Sitra, has been honoured in an EU competition showcasing the best healthcare innovations in Europe.


The Finnish specialist health and security company Vivago has received a silver medal in a European Union (EU) competition. The firm, partly owned by Sitra, was recognised for its creation of a personal security system which enables users to call for help without the need for a telephone.

Vivago was also singled out for its efforts to promote preventive care, with the aim of reducing healthcare costs. Vivago has previously developed systems allowing for the recording of data on preventive care.

The aim of the eHealth Competition is to support European Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) by giving them publicity and providing opportunities to attract customers, partners and external capital. In the 2013 edition, 212 SMEs registered, and 127 submitted a two page summary explaining their solutions. Based on this information, 15 companies were selected for the final.

Founded in 1994, Vivago Oy is a Finnish company specialising in health and security services. Vivago develops, sells and markets service concepts which automatically track and analyse the user’s body activity levels. The products are developed and produced in Finland and carry The Key Flag Symbol.

Sitra is a major partner in Vivago with other Finnish co-owners, including private individuals and institutions.

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