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Sitra invests a million in Cleantech Invest

Sitra's efforts to promote resource-wise business continue with a major investment in a Finnish cleantech company...


Sitra is investing one million euros in a share issue by Cleantech Invest Oyj. Cleantech Invest is an investment and development company that focuses on clean energy and the efficient use of natural resources. The company announced its intention to list its shares on the First North Finland market.

Resource depletion, population growth and climate change will force nations worldwide to improve their efficiency and reduce emissions. Resource wisdom is becoming an asset in international competition. Sitra’s activities are aimed at promoting this trend and enabling growth among resource-wise enterprises.

“Investing in Cleantech Invest is in line with our strategy, since one of our goals is to boost the allocation of capital to growth companies that promote the smart use of natural resources,” says Director Sami Tuhkanen of Sitra.

“One of our intentions behind the listing is to open a channel through which any investor can jump on board and begin providing funding for cleantech industry growth companies. Sitra’s decision is important to us and will contribute to the success of the listing,” says Feodor Aminoff, a partner at Cleantech Invest.

“We can only build a cleaner future if we can increase the profitability as well as the growth of cleantech companies. We come in at the point where major changes in the markets and technology lead to transformations which open up new business opportunities. We believe that major success stories are in store in the cleantech industry and that the Nordic countries will be at the forefront in developing the related technology. We aim to increase shareholder value by building a cleaner and more energy-efficient future, in which more can be done with fewer resources,” Aminoff concludes.

Press release (in Finnish) by Cleantech Invest Oyj

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