Miia Leppänen

Specialist, Sitra


Sitra Lab scrutinises a difficult societal problem and studies it from different perspectives. Miia approaches the Lab from the viewpoint of learning and tries to create the best possible conditions for doing so. An environment that promotes learning is a place in which its participants can operate actively, and which allows rich interaction and ensures psychological safety. She regards herself as an enabler of learning, an instructor and a facilitator.


Miia comes to Sitra from Aalto University, where she has gained experience in pedagogical development and training. Learning is a complex and multilayered process, with more revealed with every step along the way. New ideas emerge when different people and sectors meet, and Miia’s most recent work has examined the connections between learning and design processes.

What else?

In her spare time, Miia explores the world with her children or works on her endless DIY projects. She has three different sewing machines at home and an (almost) sufficient stock of beautiful fabrics. In the summer, she fixes the cracked paint on the walls of her family’s cottage. Her mission is to create a better world for future generations, and there is no better place for this than Sitra Lab!