Minna Hendolin

Leading Specialist, Health data 2030, Sitra


Minna Hendolin is Leading Specialist in Sitra’s Health Data 2030 project. A multitalented operator in the field of innovation, Minna’s key task is to promote co-operation between the EU member states in the use of health data as part of the Joint Action Towards European Health Data Space, co-ordinated by Sitra. In addition to the European arena, you will find Minna active in the Finnish health sector’s ecosystem work and forums.


During the past two decades, Minna has exercised influence in the health ecosystem in various roles in the academic world, business life and the public sector. Before joining Sitra, Minna worked for more than 10 years in leading positions at Tekes/Business Finland, which provided her with a great deal of knowledge about financing and turned her into an international health-sector influencer. Minna is an active influencer in international networks including the World Economic Forum Expert Group and the HIMSS Future50 community that identifies, celebrates, and connects top digital health leaders who make significant contributions to digital health globally.

Minna has strong leadership skills, extensive health-sector expertise and excellent connections with the sector’s ecosystem networks. If you are wondering who to contact, give Minna a call! She wrote her doctoral dissertation on molecular biology, and this soft spot for genes can be seen in her enthusiasm for work on everything related to genomes.

What else?

In her free time, Minna maintains her mental and physical well-being by doing yoga and taking long cycling tours in her local area. Her family members are especially grateful for her passion for creative cooking, be it vegetarian or robust, caveman-like food.

Minna believes that a fair data economy allows us to build well-being for everyone.