Taru Rastas

Senior Lead, Competitiveness through data


Taru Rastas is a data policy and data business development polymath. She is a Leading Specialist for the Fair Data Economy theme in the Roadmap for a Fair Data Economy project. Taru wants to see a world where communities and individuals use data to make sustainable, innovative and responsible choices.


Taru is the one to contact if you want to build a successful and resourceful data economy model country in Finland.

Taru joined Sitra after a lengthy service in the Ministry of Transport and Communications, where she worked on policy initiatives for data communications, digitalisation and data regulation.

Taru’s background is in economics and design, and she is currently finalising research on corporate data responsibility. She has also co-authored the book Arvoa aineettomasta pääomasta (2001) [Value from intellectual capital].

What else?

Besides data, Taru enjoys tennis and yoga. A voracious reader (and fan of traditional Finnish green marmalade candy), she also draws inspiration from travel, art and nature.

Taru believes that most problems can be resolved with a smile, good food and music.