Vaula Berg

Trainee, Circular Economy, Sitra


Vaula Berg is a trainee in the circular economy focus area. Her duties involve supporting the work of the specialist team in various ways: searching for information, doing background work and participating in communications and organising events.


Vaula is a novice specialist in the circular economy and a more sustainable future. She is studying for a master’s degree in Social Sciences at the University of Tampere, majoring in Social Psychology. She has also learned a lot of practical lessons along the way by being active in various associations and has accumulated valuable knowledge on the circular economy through her bachelor’s thesis studies and social media activity.

Vaula is particularly interested in the systemic change and social dimension associated with the circular economy as well as sustainable consumption. This future Master of Social Sciences believes in the power of action, multidisciplinary perspectives and solution-driven approaches. She has the ability to see the big picture, question established views and seize exciting opportunities even when there is uncertainty involved.

What else?

Vaula’s daily life outside of work revolves around her young son. Family, friends, coffee, candles, blankets, sauna and ice swimming are close to her heart.

Vaula believes that in the future the circular economy and sustainable lifestyles will be the new norms. The circular economy is the coolest thing ever!

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