Description of the project/idea:

The world has become complex because of globalization and internet business and the complicated network which form the essential structure and architecture of our society. Because of shortage of understanding our social life, most decisions are not optimal, covering only some topics of the large context, for example Finland’s strategy in Europe, the future of Europe. Our principle is to improve quality of communication and desicions based on a systems thinking – methodology.

What kind of sustainable economy’s challenges does your project/idea solve?

GoodReason is a technique for flexible evaluation of political questions and economy problems based on the systems thinking methodology. GoodReason opens everybody an opportunity to explain his/hers own opinion for economy, the climate question and politics. It has a flexible process (Powerpoint) to help the thinker in creating his/hers comprehension about the world. Therefore, it adds democracy and knowledge for deciders.

Erkki Laitila