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    About Sitra

    We build a successful Finland for tomorrow's world.

  2. Focus on sustainable development

    Our operations are guided by a vision of Finland as a leader in sustainable well-being. We take the view that well-being is sustainable when it is shared by people, the environment and the economy

  3. Sitra – owned by the people

    As a fund operating directly under the Finnish Parliament, our decision-making processes are tied to parliamentary systems. Our administration includes a Supervisory Board, Board and President.

  4. Sitra as an employer

    Sitra is a team of 110 Finnish and international specialists. Open positions are always announced on our website Sitra.fi.

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Good life is built together

Sitra is a public fund aimed at building a successful Finland for tomorrow. We are forward thinking and anticipate social change and its effect on people. Our activities promote new operating models and stimulate business that aims at sustainable well-being.

Reporting to Parliament

Sitra was founded as an organisation of the Bank of Finland in 1967 to honour the 50th anniversary of Finland's independence. The fund was commissioned with the task of promoting Finland's stable and balanced development, economic growth and international competitiveness and cooperation. Sitra's tasks are defined by law. In 1991, Sitra was transformed into an independent fund that reports directly to the Finnish Parliament.

Core of our operations: sustainable development

Our operations are guided by a vision of Finland as a leader in sustainable well-being. We take the view that well-being is sustainable when it is shared by people, the environment and the economy. Our strategy includes developing new ideas of what the good life is, finding operational models that build a new kind of society, and boosting sustainable business operations.

We identify the need for social change and enable that change. We predict, analyse and assess the forces of social change and their impacts on Finland. As an independent operator, we have the opportunity to react quickly to major issues concerning Finnish society and accelerate changes that promote well-being. We carry out practical experiments, compile cross-boundary networks and develop and finance business operations.

Focus on sustainable development themes

Since 2004, fixed-term programmes have formed the core of our operations. During 2012, we have adopted a project-based organisational model that focuses on three themes:

  • empowering society
  • resource-wise and carbon-neutral society
  • practices for sustainable well-being and employment

The themes will be implemented through tangible projects of two or three years in duration. The new strategy and operational model will produce even more added value for society.

The theme of empowering society aims at creating a more efficient and human-oriented public administration. It will do this by developing leadership skills and by building stronger cooperation and decision-making across all the various administrative branches. Another objective is to encourage citizens to take care of each other. In addition, the thematic area promotes new operating models for well-being and the related business.

The theme of resource-wise and carbon-neutral society creates the conditions for a resource-wise and carbon-neutral society and the related business promoting it. Embracing sustainable lifestyles and the smart use of natural resources will promote the transfer to a sustainable bioeconomy and low-carbon society. Green economy, including sustainable consumption and a new view of natural resources, will become mainstream ideology and create jobs and well-being.

Practices for sustainable well-being and employment: The theme will promote sustainable well-being and employment through new practices and financing models. The theme will be launched in the beginning of 2014.

Funding from the returns of endowment capital and capital investments

Sitra's capital was started by an endowment of 100 million marks (EUR 17 million) made by the Bank of Finland in 1967. The endowment capital was increased to 500 million marks (EUR 84 million) in 1972–1992. With an increase in the market value, the nominal value of the capital was increased to 1,400 million marks (EUR 235 million) in 1993–2001.

Our operations are funded from the returns of endowment capital and capital investments. This means that we receive no funding from taxes or the state budget. Our endowment capital can only be used for operational purposes under exceptional conditions.

We invest our endowment capital in a profitable and safe manner and steer our investment operations according to the principles of social responsibility. At the end of 2010, the market value of our endowment capital was EUR 697 million. The funds were allocated as follows: equity funds 49%, bond funds 45% and other investments 6%.



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Blog Sitra is investigating the potential of impact investing in Finland

Sitra is studying the introduction of impact investing to Finland. This would require the creation of a new ecosystem and the testing of different models related to impact investing. Impact investing aims to solve societal challenges through new innovations and private funding. Such challenges may be, for instance, the danger of the unemployed becoming marginalised in society or careers ending...

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News Sitra strengthens its training role

Sitra's sustainable financial policy leadership courses and the Synergise Finland forums are now established and restore Sitra’s position as an active organiser of social training. The role of training at Sitra is further strengthened with its training expertise being channelled into a separate unit, headed by the Executive Vice President Tapio Anttila. Sitra has a long tradition of...

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News Sitra invested 2 million euros in Inventure Fund II

Sitra has signed a 2 million euro investment commitment for Inventure Fund II. Inventure Fund II is a 50 million euro venture capital fund that invests in early stage technology companies. Sitra’s investment promotes the commercialization and internationalization of the Finnish technology industry.

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Article Did you know?

Sitra's role in 2012 is very clear. Our mission statement sets out our goals for building the Finland of tomorrow. But our history dates back to 1967 and has seen many investments and much research in numerous different areas of life. For example, in the early years, Sitra funded several innovation projects involved in technology and the natural sciences.

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News Sitra's telephone numbers changed

Sitra’s telephone numbers have changed (as of 25 April 2012). Old +358 9 618 99xxx numbers have been changed to +358 294 618xxx numbers. The end of the phone number remains the same. The new number for Sitra’s operator is +358 294 618 991 starting 25 th of April 2012. Sitra’s new number for operator can be found on Sitra’s website as of 25 April 2012. Numbers of...

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