The Sitra Trends List presents an interpretation of the directions of the global change – megatrends

Megatrends 2023 update: insight in a time of surprises

What has already changed, how are the current changes interlinked and how can they be influenced? The Megatrends 2023 review provides an overview of trends that illustrate broad arcs of change and highlight the phenomena that are currently prominent around us. Through megatrends, we can understand the changes that are happening in the present and reflect on the future we want to be build.

Megatrends 2023:

  1. Erosion of nature’s carrying capacity
  2. Increasing challenges to wellbeing
  3. Intensifying struggle for democracy
  4. Accelerated competition for digital power
  5. Cracks in the foundations of the economy


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Make the most of megatrends:

Megatrends do not make it possible to predict the future, but the trend list can serve as a tool and basis for discussion when looking at changes in the world around us, for example when making decisions, supporting learning, working on strategy or even framing a news story. Looking at megatrends benefits everyone, because the future belongs to us all.

To help you make the most of megatrends, you can use tools such as the megatrend cards and a range of worksheets.

When thinking about the future, you need to be able to see the big picture. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind the major lines of change, even if they are slow-moving.

Megatrends describe long-term, slowly evolving and often interconnected major phenomena that do not change overnight.

Sitra’s megatrends review highlights these phenomena from a Finnish perspective. It is worth looking at megatrends together, because they are not isolated from one another but influence each other. The aim of the megatrend report is to give an overview of the trends affecting our future and thus enable different ways of thinking about and discussing the future and influencing it.

Megatrends 2023:

  1. Erosion of nature’s carrying capacity
  2. Increasing challenges to wellbeing
  3. Intensifying stuggle for democracy
  4. Accelerated competition for digital power
  5. Cracks in the foundations of the economy

Megatrends 2023 describe the big picture of change through five themes: nature, people, power, technology and the economy.

Once again, the 2023 report focuses on the big picture of future developments from the point of view of Finland. The report aims to offer an understanding for the time of surprises: what has changed, how are the current changes linked and how can they be influenced? The report also outlines different possible futures, as even though the challenges are major, another kind of a hopeful future is also possible.

Previous trend reports

In January 2020, on the eve of the new decade, the overview of the megatrend list was updated from the Finnish perspective, also focusing on the tensions between the different trends. The megatrends report focused on the urgency of ecological reconstruction and the related megatrends of increasing networked power, the ageing and diversification of the population, the integration of technology into everything and the redefinition of the economy. You can read the 2020 megatrends here:

The 2017 megatrend review also highlighted megatrends relevant to the Nordic model in the context of Finland’s centenery year: work and livelihoods, democracy and participation, growth and progress. You can read the 2017 megatrends here:

The 2016 megatrends list addressed ecological sustainability, rapid development of technology and the uncertain global political situation and interdependence. You can read the 2016 trends here:

Sitra’s trend work

Sitra’s trend report has been published since 2011. In addition to the written report, over the years, there have been slide shows, videos, trend cards, tool boxes, background memos – you name it!

Sitra’s megatrend report is based on several sources, and it is therefore always one interpretation of future developments. It aims to bring together different visions, future reports, future debates and perspectives in an easily understandable and usable format. The megatrend work also uses the expertise of Sitra experts, international and national statistics, academic research, news articles and expert statements, and the work of the national foresight network.


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