The annually published Sitra Trends List provides an interpretation of the direction of global change-related phenomena – what are known as megatrends.


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When considering the future, we need to be able to identify larger phenomena. Therefore, we have to take into consideration the direction of changes that may be slow but are nevertheless major.

The objective of the Sitra Trends List is to create a basis and a tool for conversation that promotes understanding of the visible changes in the world, especially from Finland’s perspective.

What do we do?

We publish the Sitra Trends List annually, offering an analysis of the major development trends taking place each year.

Since change-related phenomena are genuinely complex and interdependent, differences of opinion are to be expected. In our list of trends, we are not trying to present chapter and verse on the issue but instead, based on a long-term data analysis, our interpretation of the major development trends already affecting the future of Finnish society.

Sitra’s list of megatrends is not based on academic futures research; it is a compilation of various visions, foresight discussions and viewpoints presented in layman’s terms and in a usable format. A key part of the work has involved bringing together a range of phenomena from Sitra’s focus areas and their specialists. A deeper perspective has been achieved using megatrends-based foresight reports, international and national statistics, academic studies, news articles and expert statements, as well as the work of Finland’s national foresight network and contributions to a range of debates on future directions.

What have we achieved?

Sitra’s Trends List has been published annually since 2011. Over the years, we have produced slideshows, videos, card games, draft recommendations – all kinds of material – to support the list. The latest Trends List has been viewed 200,000 times so far.

We hope that our megatrends analysis benefits and interests decision-makers, journalists, students, schoolchildren or anyone else with an interest in the future. Sitra’s Trends List serves as an excellent tool and basis for discussion when assessing changes in the operating environment associated with activities such as strategy work. It is freely available to everyone.


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