To shine a light on the future, Sitra produces studies and other information to anticipate future trends and strengthen people’s thinking about the future and their ability to influence it.


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We are facing significant social changes, but the way our society currently operates does not sufficiently support the building of a fair, sustainable and inspiring future. We are too stuck in old ways of thinking and assumptions about the future, unable to imagine different and inspiring futures. The debate on the future does not take sufficient account of different views and does not sufficiently link reflection on the future to decisions, choices and actions.

Sitra’s mission is to develop a successful Finland of tomorrow. To achieve this, Sitra’s foresight work provides long-term foresight concerning future developments, supporting a transition from merely preparing for changes to transforming society and building better futures. Our goal is to make futures thinking habitual in Finland and to ensure that the power to shape the future is exercised by an increasingly diverse group of people.

What do we do?

In a world full of uncertainties and surprises, the role and importance of foresight are growing, but the issue also needs to be understood more broadly. The basis for Sitra’s foresight work is the production of information about futures: megatrends provide insights into key developments, weak signals supplement this by shifting the focus to more surprising developments and other studies describe different facets of future thinking. We also provide tools and support for interpreting and using foresight information. In this way, we strengthen people’s thinking about the future and their ability to influence future developments.

The aim of foresight work is not to produce accurate predictions of the future, but rather to generate insights into different possible futures over the long term and as part of a broad discourse. We work closely with stakeholders to produce and interpret knowledge about potential futures. We want to open up new opportunities and broaden the numbers of people debating the future.

Through its foresight work, Sitra is actively involved in societal debate, putting particular emphasis on making sure that future developments are taken into account in any given decision.


What have we achieved?

Sitra’s Megatrends review is a key product of our foresight activities. The review is a widely used tool for the strategy work of our stakeholders. We have supplemented the megatrend work with weak signals and different tools which are available for everyone through the Futuremaker’s toolbox. We have also conducted public surveys every few years – the Future Barometer – to gauge people’s ideas about futures and megatrends. Sitra has also created a vision of sustainable well-being.

We also support the national foresight work of the Prime Minister’s Office with the aim of promoting better use of foresight information in decision-making.


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