To shine a light on the future, Sitra produces studies in anticipation of future developments and foresight data.


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Sitra has a duty to produce long-term foresight data in anticipation of the future. In addition, we aim to support Finnish society in interpreting and making use of this data. This work will help decision-makers, companies, communities and individuals, to prepare for the future.

What do we do?

At any given time, there are numerous ongoing foresight projects on sustainable well-being, including Megatrends, Future Makers and Bildung+.

The goal of the foresight work is not to produce an accurate prediction of the future, but instead to provide perspectives on different prospective futures over the long term and as part of a dialogue. We co-operate closely with stakeholders to produce and interpret the foresight data.

Through its foresight activities, Sitra actively participates in societal discussion, putting particular emphasis on making sure that future development trends are taken into account in any given decision.

What have we achieved?

The Sitra Trends List is a central outcome of our foresight activities. The list is cementing its position as a widely used tool for the strategy work of our stakeholders. As part of its study activities, Sitra has also been developing its vision on sustainable well-being since 2010.

We also support the national foresight work of the Prime Minister’s Office with the aim of promoting better use of foresight data in decision-making.


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