Published March 1, 2020


Building the future belongs to everyone. Sitra is developing its website to make it more accessible, and easier to navigate and understand.

Accessibility is a statutory requirement under the Act on the Provision of Digital Services and the EU Web Accessibility Directive. The provisions under these regulations apply to all digital services provided by public-sector organisations. Therefore, they are also relevant for Sitra’s website,, and all the content and digital services we publish through the website.

At the moment, most of our website content is accessible, but we will focus special attention on improving the accessibility of attachment files, navigation and the language and vocabulary we use. To support us in this work, we will refer to evaluations, tests and surveys carried out on our current content:

  • online accessibility testing for the visually impaired by the social enterprise Annanpura Oy;
  • accessibility analysis carried out by the media company Frantic Oy;
  • accessibility tests carried out using the Siteimprove tool;
  • and a visitor survey on the usability of Sitra’s website.

Accessibility statement

You are welcome to give us feedback on the accessibility of our website by sending an email to

We will publish our full accessibility statement by 23 September 2020, which will give further details about the accessibility of our website. We will also explain how to file an accessibility request if the content of our website falls short of your accessibility requirements.

For more information about accessibility, please visit the website of the Regional State Administrative Agencies, which gives a comprehensive overview of all accessibility criteria.

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