The most interesting companies in the circular economy in Finland

“The most interesting companies in the circular economy” is a list compiled by Sitra to showcase Finland’s most inspiring examples of the circular economy. Sitra is using the list as a way to challenge Finnish companies to meet the changing needs of the world.


We are moving towards a circular economy where consumption is increasingly based on using services rather than owning things. Companies are changing their operating models and revenue models – the ways we used to make a profit may not always work in future business life. Sitra wants to use “The most interesting companies in the circular economy” list to present Finland’s most inspiring examples of the circular economy and give all Finnish companies the opportunity to be among the first in the world to switch to a circular economy.

The examples on the list have been divided according to different circular economy business models. There are five business models.

  1. Product-life extension
  2. Product as a service
  3. Sharing platform
  4. Renewability
  5. Resource efficiency and recycling

This division provides companies with perspectives on how business in the circular economy could be productive. New types of operating methods are needed in order to ensure that materials and value stay in circulation for as long as possible with minimal waste. In a circular economy, companies create added value for their products by means of services and smart approaches. The greatest increase in value is generated by, for example, maintenance, reuse and remanufacturing.

What do we do?

Sitra’s circular economy team is compiling a continuously updated list of the most interesting example companies. We are collecting observations on interesting circular economy operating models in conjunction with work in the circular economy focus area work. This work will continue until autumn 2019. We’re also gathering tips from the companies themselves.

After an initial review performed by our team, some of the company representatives were interviewed in order to gain a more detailed picture of their operating models. Sitra’s team has evaluated how interesting each company’s operating model from the circular economy perspective. The team’s view was published with the list.

Who participates?

Sitra’s circular economy team is responsible for compiling the list. Deloitte Oy provided consulting services during the company interviews for the second updated version of the list in spring 2017. ‘

The first list included 19 Finnish companies and the update increased that number to 54.

Where are we now?

The first list was published in October 2016 and the update in May 2017. Sitra’s aim is to inspire Finnish companies so that the list features 100 companies by the end of 2017.

“The criteria for getting on the list are getting tougher, much in the same way that emissions requirements for cars do with the proliferation of solutions,” said Kari Herlevi, project director of the Circular Economy focus area, when the first list was published.



Cases to explore

Product-life extension

Product as a service

Sharing platforms


Resource efficiency and recycling

Update on 4th October 2017: Ecofer Oy has been removed from the list after the company’s operations has been discontinued.

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