Circular solutions for nature – a list of leading European solutions  

We are looking for the most interesting European companies with circular economy solutions for tackling biodiversity loss. The list of circular economy solutions for nature will show how companies can tackle biodiversity loss and turning their solutions into successful business. 

Suggest your company to be included in the list of circular economy solutions for nature! Submit your application by 30 September 2023

What is it about?

Stopping the loss of biodiversity cannot wait. The operations of businesses are entirely dependent on the resources and services provided by nature. In the future, business activities must enhance biodiversity instead of diminishing it.

Sitra’s “Tackling root causes” report showed that the circular economy can halt biodiversity loss. The key principle of the circular economy is to unlock more value from existing resources. This would reduce the need for new natural resources, leaving more room for biodiversity. Full exploitation of the circular economy in the sectors with a strong environmental impact could significantly help mitigate biodiversity loss. The circular economy is a vital tool for implementing business activities that enhance biodiversity and promote companies’ targets for nature.

Many companies would like to do more to stop biodiversity loss, but they lack the models for doing so. What does business for biodiversity mean in practice? What kinds of new opportunities does tackling biodiversity loss offer for businesses? Halting biodiversity loss is often only seen in terms of protection, restoration or ecological compensation.

For this reason, Sitra wants to identify the most interesting circular solutions for biodiversity at the European level and to demonstrate that it is possible for companies to combat biodiversity loss with their solutions while also running successful businesses.

The list of circular economy solutions for biodiversity, to be compiled throughout 2023 and 2024, requires European companies that:

We are looking for examples of different circular business models:

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Submit your proposal with the application form by 30 September 2023.

Why should you be involved?

Safeguarding biodiversity is featuring more and more on the business agendas of various companies. Investors, financiers and customers are increasingly interested in solutions that mitigate biodiversity loss, hence the growing need for example solutions.

The companies that are included on the list will:

The list will be published at the world’s leading circular economy event, the World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF), in 2024. The list is expected to gain significant visibility through both WCEF and Sitra’s international partner network. The companies included on the list will be invited to the WCEF2024 and, if they so wish, they can showcase their solutions in the forum’s exhibition hall. There is also a limited number of speaker slots available.

Evaluation of companies

The firms included in the list will be selected by an expert panel comprising experts from Sitra and a consultant partner, who will use the following criteria to evaluate them:

The list will represent the expert panel’s view of what they currently consider to be interesting circular economy solutions for biodiversity.

Who is involved?

The list is to be compiled by Sitra’s Nature and the economy project team together with a consultant partner.

Where are we now?

The application process to join the list of circular economy solutions for biodiversity will be open until 30 September 2023. The evaluation of the applications will follow after that and the list will be published at the World Circular Economy Forum in 2024.

Sitra has also previously compiled examples of interesting circular economy companies. Between 2017 and 2021, Sitra maintained a list of “The most interesting companies in the circular economy”, listing some of the most interesting Finnish circular business solutions. In 2020, Sitra published a list of 39 inspiring circular economy solutions from around the globe as part of WCEFonline.

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