Sitra Lab

The future needs its makers. Sitra Lab is a training programme and a community of changemakers. It is Sitra’s own future laboratory.


What is Sitra Lab?

Sitra Lab is Sitra’s own future laboratory where we train changemakers, help organisations and communities take advantage of new approaches and advocate for change. Everything we do is underpinned by a strong conviction that the future needs its makers and changemaking is something that can be learned.

Our operations are guided by three principles:

  1. A cross-sectoral approach. Our activities, ranging from events to training, always bring together a cross-sectoral group to represent many different voices and viewpoints.
  2. Putting ideas into action. We believe that rolling up one’s sleeves and taking action is the only way to achieve something new. Accordingly, our training activities always address current real-world challenges through practical experimentation.
  3. Community-driven learning. We bring people together so they can learn from one another.

In practice, Sitra Lab is a training programme and a community of changemakers.

The training programme

The Sitra Lab training programme is a six-month journey of development for its participants. Due to Sitra Lab’s experimental nature and practical orientation, we focus on one topic at a time. The topic of the first Sitra Lab was social inequality amongst children and young people. The second is focused on the development of nature-based solutions for the challenges of urbanisation.

We approach each theme using tools from future-oriented thinking, systems thinking and design thinking. Future-oriented thinking highlights the importance of imagining alternative futures and taking action towards preferred futures. Systems thinking emphasises the understanding of the wicked and complex nature of problems. It helps us identify the right objects of change to support the solutions being developed. Design thinking brings a strong human dimension to the process and underscores the reshaping of problems and solutions.

These approaches come together in Sitra Lab’s training programme, which applies the societal innovation process.

Training modules

  1. The operating environment and systems thinking
  2. Understanding the problem
  3. Future-oriented thinking and solutions
  4. Impacts
  5. Lessons learned and conclusions

More information on the training programme is provided on the pages dedicated to each training topic.

A community of changemakers

Sitra Lab’s passion is the pursuit of societal change. The pursuit of that goal is a team sport. We believe that the future is made together. This is why we bring together those who are interested in understanding wicked problems and making change. We want them to share their thoughts, learn from each other, build networks and create a shared understanding. We are especially inspired by questions that start with the word “How”.

Want to get involved?

What is Heräämö?

Heräämö events are two-hour morning seminars held from 8:30 to 10:30. They consist of an informative presentation and networking opportunities over a cup of coffee or a bowl of porridge. At these events, we focus on how to achieve societal change and explore ways to tackle wicked problems. You will get to meet international pioneers in societal change-making as well as Finnish agents of change who share their knowledge and help us expand our understanding through interesting examples, without forgetting theoretical frameworks.

Join the community! Get involved in the Sitra Lab community of changemakers! Our Facebook group provides opportunities for learning, networking and building a deeper shared understanding of achieving societal change and solving wicked problems.


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