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The future needs its makers. Sitra Lab is a change programme that develops the ability, will and opportunities of changemakers to achieve a change. 


What is Sitra Lab?

Sitra Lab is Sitra’s change programme for makers, developers and those inspired by experiments – teams, projects or individuals – with the burning desire and motivation to change and reform society’s structures in a meaningful way. 

You will accelerate a sustainable and fair future

Do you have an idea that will shake up the future? What have you always wanted to experiment with but lack the faith, support and methods? Are you already societally networked – and would now like to inspire the networks to promote change?

Excellent. In that case, Sitra Lab is just for you. 

Experiments and promoting a culture of experimentation are an essential – and traditional – part of what Sitra does. Of all of Sitra’s project funding, approximately 46% is allocated to experiments and pilots.

The value of experiments is in being able to test, research and improve society’s functioning and solutions. Attitudes and mindsets play a major role in this.

The value of experiments is in being able to test, research and improve society’s functioning and solutions. Attitudes and mindsets play a major role in this.

Four Sitra Lab change programmes

Sitra Lab promotes building a sustainable society through joint learning and social innovation.

The three previous Sitra Lab programmes have:

And because we learn from each other through joint development, you will add something revolutionary and new to our joint thinking.

This is how you will develop as a changemaker

One of the goals of the change programme is to grow the participant’s internal motivation and curiosity – both are absolutely necessary traits for an individual for change to be possible.

During Sitra Lab:

Sitra Lab uses professional facilitation based on years of experience, which gives room for the participant’s own thinking to develop. You will be in a psychologically safe environment where we are thinking, experimenting and learning together.

Our interaction is based on community-driven learning and a multi-sectoral approach – however so that practicality and the goals remain clear.

Change programme

Read more about the change programme on the pages of each training.

Want to get involved?

What is Heräämö?

Heräämö events are two-hour morning seminars held from 8:30 to 10:30. They consist of an informative presentation and networking opportunities over a cup of coffee or a bowl of porridge. At these events, we focus on how to achieve societal change and explore ways to tackle wicked problems. You will get to meet international pioneers in societal change-making as well as Finnish agents of change who share their knowledge and help us expand our understanding through interesting examples, without forgetting theoretical frameworks.

Join the community! Get involved in the Sitra Lab community of changemakers! Our Facebook group provides opportunities for learning, networking and building a deeper shared understanding of achieving societal change and solving wicked problems.


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