Sitra brings together change-makers to collaborate on building the successful Finland of tomorrow.


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What is this about?

Success demands constant learning. Therefore, Sitra aims to boost the ability of Finnish decision-makers and change-makers to deal jointly with the key social challenges and opportunities of the future.

The objective of Sitra’s training function is to generate new ideas and new solutions. Our activities aim to create learning environments that enable thinking about and developing things together.

What do we do?

Sitra offers both continual, ongoing training and fixed-term projects. Permanently offered training includes Leadership training for sustainable economic policy and activities for our course graduates.

Sitra Lab is Sitra’s own future laboratory where we train changemakers, help organisations and communities take advantage of new approaches and advocate for change.

Leadership training for sustainable economic policy combines learning about everyday well-being, economic realities and the earth’s carrying capacity with long-term economic policy decision-making and development, as well as analysis of the new leadership required by a complicated world. Twice a year, the course brings together 30 decision-makers and change-makers from various sectors of society and gives them room to reflect on the strengths and shortcomings of Finnish society.

What have we achieved?

The training has succeeded in bringing together different organisations and people who would otherwise have never met. Together, the participants have discovered new perspectives on complex problems and have learned new things.

The results have also included practical experiments, tools and guides that have been used to attempt to solve the problems related to each theme. The materials have been used to support decision-making, for example in preparing the Government Programme of Finland.

The Ratkaisu 100 challenge prize brought together teams to find solutions for making better use of people’s skills and competence in an increasingly international world. The challenge was chosen together with the Finnish people, based on an open call for ideas and a public vote held in 2016, after which anyone could enter the competition. At the end of the competition, the winners were rewarded with one million euros that they can use to make their solution a reality. The prize was a part of the celebrations for the centenary of Finland’s independence and Sitra’s 50th anniversary, both in 2017.

The public-sector management training aimed to promote a more future-oriented approach and cooperation between administrative sectors. Customer-oriented thinking and better use of information in decision-making lie at the core of the training. In 2017-2018, the course included training for high-ranking civil servants and counselling and experimentation to support the training.

In 2016-2017, Sitra facilitated a discussion on the reform of central government transfers to the arts (VOS). The discussion resulted in an overview of the changes in the field of culture as well as of the significance of culture in the Finland of tomorrow, and their importance as the basis for reform.

The Synergise Finland forums organised by Sitra from 2010 to 2015 brought together societal groups of opinion formers from all walks of life, ranging from those at the grass-roots level to political decision-makers. The five forums dealt with work, democracy, the economy, security and education, with participants exploring the bold solutions for the changes required in Finland for each of the five themes.

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