Sitra as a workplace

Are you a Utopian at heart, an expert with special skills and do you have a doer’s attitude? Perhaps you are a future Sitra employee?

Future is made together

The strength of an expert organisation always lies in its competences, the people. Sitra is no exception. The future-oriented work at Sitra is mainly co-operation that combines knowledge and doing. Our work is demanding advisory work, in which not only is thorough theoretical knowledge needed but also practical experience in project work and extensive collaborative networks – or at least a will to build them. Sitra is not a place for people who want to keep their knowledge to themselves: it is our belief that the best results are created in co-operation.

Diversity is a great asset

Our work is based on projects, and around half the people at Sitra therefore have fixed-term contracts. The personnel structure provides support for many kinds of activities and for a smooth transfer from one theme to another.

Our community includes top experts and social influencers with long careers in their fields, but also specialists whose careers are just beginning. As a rule, people at Sitra are highly educated: about 70 per cent of us have a higher education degree, and 20 people also have a licentiate or a doctoral degree.

The different employment relationships support diversity: part-time employees may be people who have already retired from their daily jobs, students just completing their degrees or parents on family leave. Although our educational backgrounds and experience are very different, we all share expertise and a passion for developing our field and Finnish society. The diversity of our personnel is a great asset.

Could you be shaping the future with us?

Our hearts beat for a successful Finland of tomorrow, and we take our job seriously – but not too seriously (honestly, we do have a good time at work!).

There are 150 of us working at Sitra and we are often looking for new experts. Will you be our next new colleague? We advertise our vacancies here at, and also on our Facebook page and on Twitter (which are of course worth following actively, anyway!).

Heidi Saario is the person who can provide more information about Sitra as a workplace and about our vacancies. Open job applications can be sent to:

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