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    1. How are carbon neutrality and equality linked?

      How are carbon neutrality and...

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      The Government Report on the global action programme on sustainable development was published on 2 February 2017. The report (in Finnish) ...

      1 week ago by Tuuli Hirvilammi
    2. Health Tuesday

      Health Tuesday

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      Isaacus goes Health Tuesday! The Health Tuesday event will this time focus on the Isaacus – Digital Health HUB. Join us and learn what...

      1 week ago by Kirsi Suomalainen
    3. Turning emissions into stone

      Turning emissions into stone

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      In the middle of a lava field gently covered with snow stands a metallic structure reminiscent of an igloo. The dome, slightly larger than...

      1 week ago by Oras Tynkkynen
    4. Teserna och principerna för finansieringen

      Teserna och principerna för...


      Första skedet mot förnyelse av finansieringssystemet för scenkonst och museer

      I denna publikation lägger vi fram vår syn på det finländska kulturfältets nuläge, behov av förändring, målbild och vilket...

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      2 weeks ago by Päivi Jabbi
    5. High-level event on attractive climate solutions

      High-level event on attractive...

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      How can the world scale up climate action in the current political landscape? How far can we go simply using existing low-carbon solutions?...

      2 weeks ago by Oona Tiainen
    6. Debat og lancering af Nordiske løsninger på globale udfordringer i København

      Debat og lancering af Nordiske...

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      Invitation til lancering og debat. Fem nordiske tænketanke og Nordisk Ministerråd står bag ny analyse som viser at 15 afprøvede...

      3 weeks ago by Oona Tiainen
    7. Video: Nordiska klimatlösningar som kan inspirera världen

      Video: Nordiska...

      Other content

      The Nordic Council of Ministers together with Stockholm Environment Institute and Sitra arranged an inspiring breakfast seminar on 26...

      1 month ago by Tuula Sjöstedt
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