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The development group of Timeout

The development group challenged and psyched up the Timeout development work during autumn 2017.


Members for the group were sought by an open call in the summer 2017. From the applications, 21 people representing different fields and interested in supporting a more constructive culture of discussion and dialogue were selected. The development work resulted in Timeout, a method of constructive discussion available for all.

The development group

Kari Varkila, Leading Specialist, Fennia
Max Äijälä, Senior Business Developer, Nordea
Raisa Lesonen, Head of Communications, Head Invest
Taneli Heikka, Researcher / Reporter / Entrepreneur, Avaja Open Oy / Team Syncros / University of Jyväskylä
Severi Hämäri, Specialist / Instructor on Record, Faktabaari / Puhujakoulu
Anne Tastula, Project Coordinator, Kansanvalistusseura
Laura Arikka, Specialist, Kirkkohallitus
Maarita Mannelin, Expert on participatory approaches, Pohjois-Karjalan maakuntaliitto
Katja Karevaara, Designer, Statistics- and information service, Lahden kaupunki
Katja Syvärinen, Head of Services, Vantaa kaupunki
Miriam Attias, Director, Naapuruussovittelun keskus
Liisa Björklund, Head of Development, Me-säätiö
Annina Laaksonen, Producer of Citizens’ Activities, Helsinki Deaconess Institute
Ulla Siimes, Executive Director, Finnish Parents’ League
Merja Mäkisalo-Ropponen, Member of Parliament, The Parliament of Finland
Antero Vartia, Member of Parliament, The Parliament of Finland
Antti Karjalainen, Head of Culture, City of Kotka
Sami Jahnukainen, Producer, Mouka Film
Elina Viukari, Software Designer/Facilitator, Helsinki Think Company
Marja-Liisa Kakkuri-Knuuttila, Professor, Philosophy of Management, emerita, Aalto University



Is it possible to discuss society constructively and get excited about the topic? This is what we will find out in the Timeout project.


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