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Inhabiting space

The audio drama pieces about the future are tools for the Futures Frequency workshop to help participants identify and think about different assumptions regarding the future.

Image: Veera Pienimaa / Miltton



Welcome to encountering different assumptions about the future.

These audio drama pieces represent exaggerated versions of prevailing views of the future. They’re not intended to be forecasts or descriptions of preferred futures, but rather to help you identify and think about the underlying presuppositions involved. Each piece is a few minutes long.

Producer: Emil Johansson, Jaksomedia
Script: Noora Mattila, Jaksomedia
Audio Production: Juha Jaakkola, Jaksomedia
Voice actors: Rebecca Clamp and James Lórien MacDonald


What’s involved?

The audio drama pieces are inspired particularly by an article about myths concerning the future. Further inspiration has been drawn from scenarios drawn from science fiction films as well as the futurist Jim Dator’s four futures archetypes: Continuation, Decline & Collapse, Limits & Discipline and Transformation.

Some of the scenarios in the audio drama pieces may feel more preferable than others, and some may feel more believable than others. But the idea is not to debate probabilities or preferences, rather to identify the future-related assumptions in the audio drama pieces and think about them in relation to your thinking about the future. What are my own assumptions about the future?

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