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Get the same result with fewer laundry days

Many people consider doing laundry annoying and time-consuming. Washing full loads will give you the same result.


Savings: When you do less laundry, you pay less for water, electricity and detergent.

Remember this: You may not always have a full load of clothes that can be washed together. Perhaps you should consider getting a smaller washer. In any case, avoid overloading to ensure that your laundry comes out clean and smells fresh.

Reducing your carbon footprint: Reducing the number of weekly laundry loads by one half has a small impact on your carbon footprint, but if a million Finns did the same it would save the equivalent of 2,000 carbon footprints per year. Emissions decrease because of lower water consumption and because power plants have to produce less electricity for heating domestic water and operating the washer. 

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