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How many cups do you want?

In terms of per capita consumption, Finland is number one when it comes to coffee drinking. Unfortunately, this can also be seen in the amount of coffee (and tea) that is thrown out. A package of coffee lasts longer when you only make the desired amount. You also save water and energy in the coffee’s country of origin and in the distribution chain.


Savings: Making the right amount of coffee or tea saves money. The savings come from slightly lower water, electricity and heating bills when you make the right amount of your favourite drink.

Remember this: Everyone has their own routine when making coffee, which often includes an inaccurate measurement of the coffee. This is why we often make more coffee than we need. When you measure the coffee and water according to the number of drinkers, always make the right amount.

Reducing your carbon footprint: Making one less cup of coffee three times a day reduces your carbon footprint by 2% a year. Emissions produced through the cultivation, processing and transportation of coffee and tea also decrease.

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