Anna-Maija Vesa



Anna-Maija is the specialist responsible for communications in the Lifelong learning focus area. She plans, motivates and implements change communications to promote the policy of holistic lifelong learning in Finland. She brings her strategic insight, systems thinking capabilities and dialogue skills to the future-oriented work she carries out with her colleagues in the focus area.


A communication designer, motivator, strategic partner and work coach, she is enthusiastic about learning together and getting things done. With a background in social and political sciences, she has experience of international corporate communications, communications in higher education, knowledge management, project management and change processes. Anna-Maija is development-oriented and a reliable partner for co-operation who likes to facilitate and believes in the power of dialogue.

What else?

You may find Anna-Maija working in her garden, at the floorball pitch, cycling around Lake Tuusulanjärvi, in a concert, in a Pilates class, driving teenagers from one place to another or relaxing at a summer cottage by Lake Saimaa. The future will be better!