Denisa Mäki

Project Coordinator, Gaia-X Finland


Denisa is the project coordinator for Sitra’s Fair Data Economy theme. She doesn’t know everything about everything but she has a wealth of experience and knowledge. Denisa is responsible for supporting domain working groups within the Gaia-X Finland project in building data-sharing ecosystems.

Denisa is a connector and a builder: she is totally in her element when building new relationships with different stakeholders in Finland and internationally. She is firmly committed to making an impact in her work and in improving the coordination, visibility and overall impact and sustainability of the Gaia-X Finland project. Denisa’s days are often spent thinking about how Gaia-X Finland could be even more visible and impressive.


Denisa is the person to contact if you want to know about how to set up a new working group and how to run it. You can also call her when you want to know what’s new in Gaia-X or to connect with other stakeholders.

Denisa likes to socialise so you can join her for coffee to discuss how to engage more actively in building data-sharing ecosystems. If talking about data seems dull, she also knows about project management at the UN and in developing countries. And she knows the corridors of the EU Parliament like the back of her hand.

What else?

Denisa was born in Czechoslovakia, which makes it is easy to remember that she is not from Slovenia (the most common confusion). She is a lawyer by training, a generalist by profession and in the evenings a part-time business and finance student. She is an avid HIIT exerciser and cook, always looking for and trying out new recipes and flavours.

She believes that by 2030 the world will already be on its way to an environmentally friendly, sustainable and more inclusive society with a more unified data economy.