Emma Hietaniemi

Specialist, Sustainable Everyday Life, Sitra


Emma Hietaniemi is a specialist in the Sustainable Everyday Life team. She spends her days scaling up the sustainable practices and tools developed and tested in Finland for international use, for example through the EU-funded PSLifestyle project.


Emma is the person to contact if you want to discuss the effectiveness of sustainable everyday activities or your own opportunities to make a difference. She is passionate about helping individuals, communities and organisations to recognise their own role in contributing to sustainable systemic change. Emma has a knack for turning abstract sustainability goals into concrete, human-scale actions, and, in turn, combining small steps into holistic solutions to achieve sustainable well-being.

Emma holds a Master of Science degree, specialising in geographical research for global change. Her career has seen her promote sustainable consumption by working for government, advocating vintage clothing and volunteering in civil society organisations.

What else?

Emma likes to go exploring in her free time. She gets excited when she finds a new forest trail to explore, a geocache under a tree stump or something intriguing in a satellite image.