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Hanna Mattila

Specialist, Circular Economy, Sitra

+358 (294) 618 463


Hanna Mattila is a specialist in the Circular economy focus area. Her expertise is in the sustainability on the use of natural resources.


Hanna has experience with different dimensions of the bioeconomy, and the food system in particular. She has worked as a government official in food and climate policy at the international, EU and national level. She edited the book Vähemmän lihaa. Kohti kestävää ruokakulttuuria (Less meat: Towards a more sustainable food culture), which was published by Gaudeamus in 2016. Hanna is a founding member of the food cycle in her neighbourhood and of the REKO farmers’ market. She has a master’s degree in agriculture and forestry.

Contact Hanna if you want to work together to make Finland a model country for a sustainable food system – for producers and consumers.

What else?

In her free time, Hanna likes to get herself and her family moving. She also tries to read a lot and discuss the books in reading circles.

In the future, Hanna hopes that food production and consumption will become one great experience in which every unit of the food system works for the good of society.

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