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Heikki Sorasahi

Specialist, Circular Economy, Sitra


Heikki Sorasahi is a specialist in Sitra’s Circular economy focus area. Heikki deals with mobility and logistics questions concerning the national road map to a circular economy and he also has responsibility for the most interesting companies in the circular economy list.


Heikki is definitely the person to call if you want to understand the circular economy as a concept or, for example, need information about circular economy pioneers and business models.

Environmental and responsibility issues have been close to Heikki’s heart for a long time. He has previous work experience in Sitra’s Sustainable Mining focus area, with the Gaia consulting company and with the Chilean innovation organisation Fundación Chile.

Heikki graduated from Lappeenranta University of Technology with a degree in industrial engineering and production.

What else?

In his free time, you can find Heikki playing the guitar, scratching his dog or playing different sports.

Heikki believes that in 2050 dogs – not robots – will still be our best friend.

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