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Janne Kareinen

Specialist, Timeout, Sitra

+358 (294) 618 235


Janne Kareinen is responsible for Sitra’s Debates on the Future project, an entity that helps to make the culture of dialogue in Finland more constructive.


Janne is the person to contact if you would like to increase participation, develop democracy or change the public culture of dialogue.

Janne has wide experience in launching local activities and empowering communities. He is one of the main initiators and experts on urban activism and spontaneous and self-directed activities in Finland.

What else?

When he is not working, you will find Janne enthusing about locality, participation and networks. He usually has his strangest and most interesting ideas when enjoying challenging art. Long live the avant-garde!

Janne believes that in 10 years’ time, our understanding of everyday life will be completely different and this makes him curious.


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