Juuso Janhonen

Senior Lead, Investments


Juuso Janhonen makes investments that promote Sitra’s objective of a better Finland. The portfolio includes growth companies as well as venture capital and private equity funds, but all new investments are currently targeted at funds.

Juuso is a specialist in impact investing. Social Impact Bond (SIBs) have a special place in his heart. From time to time, Juuso also participates in Sitra’s project work, also known as focus areas.


Juuso is the person to contact if you would like to present a new venture capital fund or would like to be coached on funding projects related to impact investing.

In his earlier years at Sitra, Juuso also worked on digital health and renewable energy, and he has nearly a decade of experience in corporate financing through his previous jobs at a bank.

What else?

In his spare time, Juuso seeks thrills by jumping out of aeroplanes and exploring the underwater world, both in Finland and abroad.

Juuso believes that social and environmental impact will become an increasingly significant investment criterion in the future.