Kirsi Pönni

Project Coordinator, Circular Economy, Sitra

+358 (294) 618 242


Kirsi Pönni is a project co-ordinator in the Circular economy focus area. Although she is involved in many things, arrangements for the World Circular Economy Forum 2017 are keeping her busy right now.


Kirsi has worked at Sitra for several years, and she has spent most of those years working with topics related to resource wisdom.

Kirsi is the person to contact if you want to know about practical matters associated with events.

She has completed a couple of degrees along the way, the latest of which was an MBA.

What else?

When she has time off work, you’re most likely to find Kirsi at the gym, jogging or on the tennis court. Kirsi believes in the saying “travel broadens one’s mind”, so a few times a year she sets off to a new destination in search of fresh experiences.