Lea Kurki

Specialist, Communications and Public Affairs


As Sitra’s Communications Specialist in charge in Societal Training and Development, Lea wants to make it approachable to people what societal capacity for change is and how methods and interaction accelerate fair change.


Lea works to ensure that Sitra’s high-quality training activities find their target groups. Her goal is that change training and methods would have an interesting, clear and visible concept, which would make it possible to find new changemakers.

When it comes to means and channels of communications, Lea could be described as an omnivore. Interesting content is built on facts – which often are more fascinating than what their reputation might be, uses digital opportunities and touches your emotions.

Lea has worked with communications, marketing and inclusion in the municipal sector, a national research institute and ministries, for instance.

Lea holds a Master of Social Sciences degree. Anthropological field work took her to Kenya to study societal change associated with funerals. Her takeaways from field work include a couple of methods that are worth mentioning as they are useful in communications, too: ethnography, participant observation and narratives.

What else?

Lea dreams of an electric bike and an electric car (and a driving licence). Free time can be filled with 90s C movies. A question that Lea probably contemplates for the rest of her life is associated with the tension between the individual and the structure.