Marja Karttunen

Senior Lead, Investments


Marja works in Sitra’s investment unit and she is responsible for the real estate, private equity fund and infrastructure investment portfolios of Sitra’s endowment capital and the development of responsible investment practices.


Marja has a long history with Sitra’s investment operations both as an institutional investor and a risk investor. Responsibility and the impact investment operations are also important for her. In terms of education Marja has a Master’s degree in economics from Helsinki and an MBA from Sydney.

What else?

In her leisure time Marja enjoys the company of her family and friends, never-ending building project, blogging, photography and long runs. Her curious mind and trio of soon-to-be teenage children keep her up to date with current trends. Marja believes in the philosophy of lifelong learning and realises it in her day-to-day life. One needs projects in life.