Mikko Dufva

Leading Specialist, Foresight and Strategy


Mikko Dufva is Sitra’s leading foresight specialist. In his work, he examines future trends, the tensions between these trends and mental images connected with the future. In addition, he seeks to identify signals that may be weak now but are nevertheless significant from the point of view of the future.


Mikko is worth seeking out for a discussion on megatrends and weak signals, or for a chance to take part in the activities of the National Foresight Network. Mikko has extensive experience in foresight studies and a doctorate in Science (Technology) on creation of futures knowledge and systemic foresight.

What else?

In his free time, Mikko produces the Ennakointikupla (Foresight Bubble) podcast, busies himself with electronics and creative programming, and is pondering whether or not to continue his modern dance hobby. Mikko believes that the future is more variable than the present and that the importance of being “futures literacy” is on the rise.