Mirja Gröhn

Senior Lead, Democracy and participation


Mirja Gröhn works with events and customer relations. She is the main user of Sitra’s stakeholder register and questionnaire system.


Mirja started her career at Sitra during the previous millennium, initially working in impact evaluation. Since then she has been promoting the networking and internationalisation of health technology companies, and others, by coordinating shared conference travel by Finns, including arrangements for corporate visits and trade fair stands. Developing data systems, planning events, and implementing research are important parts of Mirja’s job description.

Mirja studied industrial engineering and management and computer science in Otaniemi. She is a Licentiate of Science (Technology), and her studies were focused on planning commercial activities. Foreign languages have also always fascinated Mirja.


Motto: Dance may prove to be addictive. Nevertheless, that’s a risk worth taking.