Olivier Dion

Co-founder, Onecub and aNewGovernance

Founder of Onecub, 13 yo startup dedicated to data sharing, co-founder of the Belgium association aNewGovernance, CTO of the French Digital New Deal Think and Do Tank. CTO of the Themis-X tourism Data Space in France. Formerly a consultant in information systems, he is a recognized expert at the European level on data sharing issues. A pioneer of the Open Data movement in France, he participated, with the CNIL in the preparatory work on the GDPR, on the issue of the right to data portability. Through aNewGovernance, he has been involved for several years in the definition of the European data strategy with the European Commission and multiple member states, in particular on the Data Governance Act and the Data Act. He has been developing data sharing tools and models for 13 years and is involved in numerous working groups on personal data sharing and Data Altruism issues worldwide (MyData, OECD, WTO, WEF).