Rasmus Sihvonen

Project coordinator, Climate and nature solutions, Sitra
Kuva: Miikka Pirinen / Sitra
Kuva: Miikka Pirinen / Sitra


Rasmus Sihvonen monitors the measures taken by Finnish society to ensure a sustainable future, working in the Climate and nature solutions team. He has a thirst for knowledge and understanding about what will ensure the longevity of the world and about how to manage what is, to put it mildly, a complex global issue.


Rasmus has learned to view society and its relationship with the world from many different perspectives, being able to see its systemic nature while keeping the fundamental qualities of humanity in mind. Completing his master’s degree in environmental sciences during the coronavirus pandemic has provided him with an interesting starting point for implementing a vision of climate positivity.

What else?

In his own opinion, Rasmus perhaps often ends up contemplating things a little too deeply, and that’s when it’s a good idea to do something more practical like indoor climbing. He also listens to and creates music.

Rasmus believes that we will use new empathetic communication in the future, making it possible to communicate without today’s misunderstandings.

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