Reetta Kohonen

Specialist, Global collaboration, Sustainability solutions


Reetta Kohonen is part of Sitra’s team that promotes the carbon-neutral circular economy internationally. Much of her work has to do with the World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF) and she spends her days thinking about how to transition international business communities and policies away from outdated linear operating models.


Get in touch with Reetta if you want to have an enthusiastic and fact-based discussion about the actions demanded by the environmental and climate crisis. Her previous experience in the field of management training supports this, as it combined the need for individual learning, reshaping established customs and habits, and identifying new and more sustainable strategic priorities.

Reetta is a graduate of the Aalto University School of Business, where she specialised in the solving of environmental and sustainability challenges as well as multidisciplinary teamwork.

What else?

In addition to being inspired by her work on the circular economy, Reetta gets endless energy from hiking in Finnish nature, intense gym workouts, playing the violin in a symphonic orchestra and watching French TV shows.

Reetta believes that by 2030 recycling boutiques will have supplanted fast fashion chains in our cities.

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