Riitta Vänskä

Specialist, Fair data economy, Sitra


In her role as a specialist in the IHAN® project, Riitta Vänskä is responsible for the public engagement and concept creation.


Riitta has a wealth of experience in the concept design for digital learning solutions and the management of global projects in, for example, Africa. Riitta’s academic background is in computer science, digital learning technologies and education.

In addition to her position in Sitra, Riitta is also a board member of the Invalidisäätiö Foundation, with her main interest in the digital development at the Vocational College Live and the Invalididisäätiö Foundation in general.

Riitta’s strength is to drive innovation when creating and rolling out new ways of working.

What else?

When not at work, Riitta takes to the outdoors on a bike or jogging, and keeps active by tending the garden and forests at her country house.

Sitra is a great place to work for someone who wants to do things their own way and build a better future for all.