Tapio Huttula



In the Lifelong learning project, Tapio works with lifelong learning themes and builds an arena for extensive stakeholder co-operation. Co-operation aims at speeding up the creation of a lifelong learning policy for Finland.


The student activist’s career began in various education system development tasks, especially those associated with Universities of Applied Sciences. After that, Tapio focused on the development of working life in the Finnish Confederation of Professionals STTK and the Union of Private Sector Professionals ERTO, where he worked as the union’s President. He then returned to develop education in the role of President/Managing Director of Humak University of Applied Sciences.

Keywords describing Tapio’s competence include education policy, labour market, development of working life, evaluation, development of organisations and advocacy.

What else?

According to Tapio, work and free time cannot really be separated. Ideas for developing work and other matters may come up whenever and wherever. That is one aspect of lifelong learning, too. However, life is not only work. The best way to unwind is spending time with family and friends or doing hobbies.

Tapio is a “true believer in competence”. Competence building is a tool for changing the world and coping with changes.