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    What are the links between sustainability, well-being and education?

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Sustainability, well-being and the future of education

Do our school systems have the capability to adapt to rising complexity in society which affects every sector of life from job markets to family relations? What is the relationship between sustainable well-being and education?

At Sitra, we have developed a societal model organised around the central theme of “sustainable well-being”. Building on the achievements of the welfare state, the sustainable well-being society will be oriented toward the central aim of human well-being. Planetary limits will form the basis of all human activity while robust systems of human and social capital will be realised alongside more efficient economic and governance models. A structural transition such as this is immensely complex and will touch every sector, organisation and institution – including education.

Building on the work of the Forum for New Education, which successfully assembled a new cohort of stakeholders committed to renewing education so that Finland becomes “a land of people who love to learn”, Sitra has commenced a research project that will explore the intersection of sustainability, well-being and education for a globalised society and a changing planet.

The primary research question for the Education for a Changing World research project is: how do we enable students, schools and communities to become the building blocks of a new societal model organised around sustainable well-being? This research project will gather insights from multiple fields to help inform the global debate about the purpose and future of education for a changed world. Sustainable well-being helps to point the way forward. Our common fate and constrained resources, but also unprecedented innovation and opportunity, will be our lens.

Interested in joining a network around the research topics and the dialogue on sustainability and education? Join us on Facebook, Twitter (#educationfutures) or get in touch directly.

Hear the authors from Education for a Changing World answer the question: Why do we need to integrate sustainability and well-being into education?

In the autumn of 2015, Sitra will also host a series of events around the themes of education of the future. Read more about the Education Wednesdays here (in Finnish).



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Project Nationwide learning module: climate education and basics of climate change

The project was launched in the autumn of 2014 by facilitating a dialogue between Finnish universities. Co-operation was based on the question of what kind of climate change know-how society needs and whether such needs can be met by the current curricula of universities. A report on the current status of climate education in Finnish universities was drawn up as a basis for discussion. The...

October 2014 to October 2016

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Blog How can we learn to inspire?

How can we inspire our children and young people to learn for the joy of learning, rather than for just passing exams? Sari Laine from the Sustainability Leadership Institute in Cambridge University.

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It is time to move beyond school recycling programmes and start to build the bigger picture of sustainability in education and in schools.

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Publication Towards a sustainable well-being society

This working paper sets out six principles for building a sustainable well-being society: 1. Addressing well-being in a holistic way 2. Adjusting to planetary boundaries 3. Empowering individuals and communities 4. Moving to a regenerative and collaborative economy 5. Building competencies for a complex world 6. Developing inclusive and adaptive governance.

Eeva Hellström, Timo Hämäläinen, Vesa-Matti Lahti, Justin W. Cook and Julia Jousilahti

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